Private house Genova

A small jewel located in the historic centre of Genoa, on the top floor of an apartment building in the middle of the Molo Vecchio, the district that has protected the city’s harbour since the Middle Ages.

The home has an area of just 40 square metres divided into a living area with a kitchenette, a bedroom and a bathroom. The bedroom is separated from the living room by a custom-made piece of furniture which on the bedroom side contains a wardrobe, while on the living room side it forms a ramp from which the terrace can be reached. The shipyard context inspired the “raw” finishes of the furniture. Thanks to the use of metal beams used to reinforce the ceiling, it was possible to create the opening connecting the apartment and the terrace above. Large windows and a skylight make the small apartment bright and full of open views of the historic city and harbour.

  • Location
    Genova - Italy
  • Anno
  • Studio
    Gosplan Architects
  • Photo Credits
    Anna Positano

Blustyle’s contribution

The Barrique collection of porcelain stoneware in the Rhone Cru version, by Blustyle, was chosen for the flooring throughout the apartment, which harmonises particularly well with the dominant colours chosen for the house.

Barrique was born from the search for the authentic expression of wood: oak, walnut, fir, larch, a mix of precious woods. The magical atmosphere created by the collection is a journey into the culture of wine, harking back to the fascination of the processing and transformation of grapes, right up to the intense fragrances of the winemakers. The living, rustic wood of the barriques, steeped in history and passion, lives again in a floor designed for those who love cosy, elegant spaces in symbiosis with the purest soul of nature.

Barrique Rhone Cru
Formats used
  • 20x90 20x90
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