Casa Nasti

Living immersed in rationalism

At the eastern limit of the Appia Antica park, the green lung of Italy’s capital, on the ground floor of a period building, there is the large and elegant apartment, the subject of renovation by the architect Luca Caprioli.  One of the key points of the design was to enhance the ceilings while maintaining the right proportions of the rooms and to reorganise the internal distribution of the spaces. The client’s requests for the designer were to make the modern style coexist with the reuse of some furnishings, enhance the lighting technology and design an open space living room. The use of high-quality floor and wall coverings proved to be a winning choice.

  • Location
    Roma - Italy
  • Anno
  • Studio
    Arch. Luca Caprioli
  • Photo Credits
    Andrea Brandino
Blustyle’s contribution

To cover the floor and wall surfaces of the bathroom enhanced by a large shower with a channel on the ground, the Avorio colour of the Blutech collection was chosen in the 60x60 cm size. The series represents an evolution of technical tiles in unglazed porcelain stoneware. The full-body colouring gives life to an extremely accurate aesthetic in which surface and mixture have the same colour tone, guaranteeing a homogeneous, compact colour palette, enriched by tone-on-tone shades, confirming just how much the finishes enrich the project thanks to the natural beauty of the materials.

Blutech Avorio
Formats used
  • 60x60 cm 60x60 cm
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