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This “extensive information” statement has been drawn up and specially adapted for the websites of Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A., in accordance with the provisions contained in the Regulation of 8 May 2014 issued by the Italian data protection authority.  It integrates and updates other information that are already available on the websites and/or have been previously released by the company. As a whole, this information fulfils all the requirements of art. 13 of Regolamento Europeo 2016/679, and of subsequent Provisions of the Italian Data Protection Authority.

Important note

Third parties should be aware that posting this privacy statement on other websites, either in whole or in part, would not only mean publishing inaccurate, irrelevant and/or inconsistent details but may also entail the imposition of heavy fines by the Italian Data Protection Authority.

Subject of this statement

Our company makes use of files known as “cookies” in the pages of this website. The purpose of this privacy statement is to clearly inform users about these cookies and explain exactly how they are used. This document invalidates and supersedes in full any previous information on cookies provided by our company, which have been overridden and replaced by the contents of this document.

What cookies are

Cookies are text strings (small files) which are sent to the computer terminals (pc, laptop, smartphone etc.) of users when they visit a website. The cookies are then stored until the same user visits the site again, upon which they return to the sites which originally sent them.

Types of cookies and their use

The cookies used on this website fall into the following categories:

  1. Technical cookies: they allow users to browse the site more quickly and easily, enhancing their enjoyment of services and/or options. For instance, they allow users to complete a purchase or to request authentication in order to access restricted areas. These cookies are necessary to improve the experience of users while they browse the website. However, they can be disabled.
  2. Analytics cookies: these cookies are used to track the performance of a website through anonymous and aggregated data showing how users navigate the website, how they got there, how many times they visit it, how long each visit lasts, etc. These cookies are useful for making improvements to the website, making it easier for users to access the website and generating a set of statistics. These cookies are not necessary to improve user experience, therefore they can be disabled.
  3. Third-party cookies: these cookies are installed on user terminals by third-party operators via this website. As the main purpose of third-parties cookies is to perform analysis, they mainly come from the Google Analytics feature. For further information about Google Analytics, click on this link:

To disable cookies and stop Google Analytics from collecting browsing data, you can download the browser add-on designed to disable Google Analytics by clicking on the link below:

Browser settings

Be aware that users can easily set their privacy preferences at any given time and decide which cookies should be installed and what they can do. Follow the instructions beneath to adjust your browser settings.

In particular, users can set what is called a “private browsing” mode. This means that their browser will not store the history of sites visited, passwords entered, cookies or any other information gathered during visits to websites.

However, should users choose to disable all types of cookies (including technical cookies), the quality and promptness of services on our website could be drastically impaired and it might prove impossible to access the website itself, or some parts of it.

Handy tips for users when changing browser settings

To either block or limit the use of cookies both by this website or other websites, users can follow these simple instructions and easily change settings on their browser. Here is how to do for some of the most popular browsers.

Google Chrome: click on the “Customise and control Google Chrome” icon located on the top right corner, then select “Settings”. Select “Show advanced settings” from the window that pops up. Now, click on “Privacy” and choose the option “Content settings” where you will be able to block cookies, either entirely or in part.

Microsoft Internet Explorer: click on the “Tools” icon located on the top right corner. Then, select “Internet options”. Select “Privacy” from the window that opens. Here you will be able to block cookies, either entirely or in part.

Mozilla Firefox: select the “Options” item from the pull-down menu on the top left corner. Select “Privacy” in the window that opens. Here you will be able to block cookies, either entirely or in part.


Document date: 16/10/2018

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