Blustyle unveils Geos: a new interpretation of slate

Blustyle presented two new products at Cersaie 2023: Geos, a new slate tile collection, and the new Honed finish for the Blow collection.

Blustyle presented Geos, a new collection that offers a cosmopolitan, precious, and articulated reinterpretation of slate, in preview at Cersaie 2023.

The slabs of Geos capture the authenticity of this natural material, reproducing with precision and care all its characteristics. The result is a product capable of expressing the multiple chromatic and sensory nuances of slate

The surface is dynamic, with a texture enriched by striations and changes in tone, inspired by the meeting of the typical slate faults. The texture is extremely varied, both in terms of color and in terms of details. Geos is in fact rich in inclusions: grains of different sizes combine with concretions, sometimes in line with the background color, sometimes completely in contrast, with tones ranging from the lightest colors to rust.

The wide range of colors proposed is inspired by the most precious, warm, and welcoming shades, offering a strong personality to every covered surface. Pack, with the lightest tone, is inspired by pearl and ivory; Earth is a sophisticated mix of light grays, taupe, and beige; Coast mixes medium grays and warm and Reef evokes the charm of dark anthracite.

The collection offers four different formats, including large slabs of 120x120 cm, the most desired option in projects involving large spaces, for a contemporary and extraordinary visual impact. Among the available finishes, it is possible to choose between the Natural one, with a structure characterized by a barely hinted «micro-sanding», opaque and soft to the touch; Honed, matte and slightly patinated, with a pearly reflection; Grip, enriched with a particular grain that makes the surface safe in terms of anti-slip performance, a characteristic even more accentuated in Slaty, a rough and structured version of 20 mm.

In addition, in this edition of Cersaie, Blustyle has expanded the range of the Blow collection, the line inspired by the contemporary charm of cement. The new Honed finish is opaque, uniform, and slightly patinated, with an elegant and opalescent reflection. Proposed in the two versions Flat and Crust, the new finish is also available in the large format 120x120 cm.



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