Wood Plank

Alpine glamour


A new interpretation of slate that harmoniously combines the antique essence of the stone with elegance and contemporary aesthetics.


An expressive collection, characterised by the most peculiar and distinctive traits of a material capable of going far beyond fashions and styles.


Advantage is a collection of stone-effect floor coverings that blends different textures on its surfaces.

Green Wood

Green Wood is the truest and most natural interpretation of wood in porcelain stoneware tiles.


The search starts from the most prestigious Italian quarries, extending to fascinating Spain and to the boundless African hinterland.

A model of contemporary beauty

There is a beauty which, to be fully enjoyed, must be experienced every day. This is the beauty of the Blustyle collections: complete, minimal, reliable and affordable for contexts with a totally contemporary taste.
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Featured collections

Advantage is a collection of stone-effect floor coverings that blends different textures on its surfaces: the typical texture and striking shades of slate with distinct marble veins and inclusions typical of limestone. Unique porcelain stoneware with a contemporary style that allows you to experience a perfect combination of beauty and quality.

Geos slabs flawlessly capture the authentic appearance of this natural element, meticulously studying and reproducing each detail with precision and care, resulting in a visual experience that embraces a myriad of captivating colour nuances. The surface of Geos is delightfully dynamic, and the texture is enriched by streaks and chromatic shifts created by the merging of slate’s characteristic fissures.

Wood Plank preserves all the rustic naturalness of oak, integrating it into a contemporary, functional ceramic design with an original aesthetic impact. Knots, slashes and grouted cracks come together in precise graphic patterns with an enveloping sense of authenticity. Combining glamour, authenticity, elegance and comfort, the complex visual and tactile qualities of this wood effect evoke the atmospheres of the most sophisticated and stylistically up-to-date Alpine settings.

The search starts from the most prestigious Italian quarries, extending to fascinating Spain and to the boundless African hinterland. Classic marble is transformed into highly resistant porcelain stoneware for contemporary style floors and walls.


A wide range of solutions designed for your home.

Beautifully and meticulously designed colours, shading, marble, wood, concrete or stone effects for floors and walls in porcelain stoneware and ceramic, ideal for all environments, both indoors and outdoors.

What environment are you looking for?

Ceramic and porcelain stoneware floors and walls for the kitchen that combine functionality and resistance, are easy to clean and also suitable for covering the backsplash with style and personality.
Porcelain stoneware tiles specially produced for bathrooms, from the floor to the wall and shower cladding, able to combine elegance and practicality with hygiene and resistance.
Porcelain stoneware tiles perfect for any type of living room and open-space area, thanks to the wide range of colours, from white to dove grey, from brown to beige, from grey to black, and to the many different formats and decors.
Wide range of porcelain stoneware floors and walls to furnish any indoor area, perfect for every style, from classic and vintage, to country and shabby, to modern and Scandinavian minimal.
Porcelain stoneware floors with extremely high technical performance, durable, wear-resistant, waterproof, frost-proof and non-slip, ideal for sidewalks, vehicle entrances and driveways, for terraces and porches, swimming pools and gardens.
Porcelain stoneware floors and walls made specifically for public spaces and commercial activities where resistance, safety, hygiene and aesthetic appeal are indispensable requirements.

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Green Wood

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Wood Plank

Alpine glamour

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