Blustyle presents Blow in an exclusive preview at Cersaie 2022

For the Cersaie 2022, Blustyle offers its visitors an exclusive preview of its upcoming collection: Blow, the evolving material.


The new collection by Blustyle takes inspiration from the contemporary appeal of concrete and its evolutions over time. In line with the growing appreciation of more textural surfaces, concrete and the materials that draw on it evolve into an interesting surface for walls, floors and ceilings, giving rooms a lived-in yet sophisticated feel.

Blow interprets, thus, the transformation of the material, firmly maintaining the relationship between past and future, uniting in each slab the elegant and the lived-in nature. An expressive collection, characterized by the most peculiar and distinctive features of a material capable of surviving fashions and styles, strengthening itself.  The concrete effect created by Blustyle is expressed through elegant surfaces of great realism, with a harmonious aesthetic movement, as much in tone transitions as in a graphic texture, rich in suggestion if composed and refined.


The collection comes in an elegant version - Flat - characterized by a uniform color enriched by shading and delicate color variations that evoke the darker shades created by time on the surface of concrete; and a rustic version - Crust - with graphics-rich in detail and accentuated chromatic movement, as if obtained by lateral peeling that highlights the transition from slab to slab.

In both versions, Blow offers technically superior ceramic surfaces: thanks to advanced applications, the material is simultaneously soft to the touch, non-soiling because it is compact, non-absorbent and highly resistant. Four shades are available, from the muted hues of Dust and Ground to the dark gray and anthracite tones of Cement and Smoke.

A widely explored material for interior design, cement thus finds a place in Blustyle's range in a ceramic collection that offers strength and durability, plus tactile appeal and an understated, minimalist aesthetic capable of bringing rooms full of modern character to life.



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